Jul. 5th, 2013


Jul. 5th, 2013 11:37 pm
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I searched for homes in the price range of 1.5-2.5 million USD today . . . because I can totally afford those. I'm not sure why I searched that price range, but I found a place that's for sale where I used to live. Here it is: 3312 N. Leavitt.

It was my first apartment in Chicago, and it looked pretty different at the time. It was a green three-flat, and my roommate and I shared the second floor apartment. It was an interesting place. It had a heater that sat in the living room with an air vent that pulled in fresh air from the outside, heated it to super-hot temperatures, and then discharged it's scalding breath at your feet. I slept with my bedroom door open all the time because that was the only source of heat in the entire apartment.

The hot water heater was in a small closet just off of the kitchen. When the hot water heater went out, People's Gas came out to fix it . . . the repair person took a look at the setup, and then completely disconnected the hot water heater from the gas line - he said it wasn't up to code, and was a fire hazard. A day or so later, a Polish repair person (hired by my landlord) came by and re-connected the hot water heater. Problem totally solved.

My roommate and I split the rent of $750 a month, which was pretty cheap for the time. We didn't find many apartments in that price range, and didn't have much time to search for one (we had to get back to Iowa, where we were moving from . . . ), and we just settled on that one. I still always think of that move whenever I go past the Starbucks and Clark and Belmont. He and I were going to split up for the day and check out different apartments, and that Starbucks would be our meeting point when we got back from our apartment viewings.

Our apartment had a small deck off of the first floor, and I remember going out there some nights and having drinks with the downstairs neighbors. We played some guitar, and they told me that they liked how I didn't play Knockin' on Heaven's Door like Guns N' Roses played it (I learned a couple Bob Dylan songs from a "Bob Dylan 5-chord Songbook," but wouldn't remember how to play them now).

It also had a small patch of grass in the back yard, and I used to swing golf clubs back there and practice chip shots. It's kind of sad that the new place has the entire back yard covered-up by a deck.

Anyway, cheers to my old apartment which is now a mega condo / single family home. :)


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