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OK - so i worked a crap ton and a half over the past few weeks. I connected one of my clients to payroll on Thursday, though. Finally got through with that, so things should settle back down to normal for me for a while.

I spent a little bit of time last night, and just a few hours this morning, putting together some documentation for Xfce. I think it's coming out great! Here's a snapshot of what it looks like now:
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Full image here:

The markup to create it is called reStructuredText, and there is a project called Sphinx that is used to build it out to that website. Lest you think I am a ninja, Sphinx even creates the search box.
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Very glad that I have a cool team lead who helped me out a lot, though.
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today i went to portillos with some coworkers to celebrate one of their birthdays. did you know that they have a framed picture of Jack from Will and Grace alongside Dick Portillo in a Portillo's in the suburbs? i was kind of surprised to see it, and noted it to a coworker, and he was like, "i like him . . . ". i mentioned that he was from illinois, and another said, "i didn't know that," in a nice enough way.

during lunch i mentioned my non-dating adventure last night, and how it might be featured on 190 north. it felt good to acknowledge being single and also partially hint at teh gayness to them. just a friendly kind of self-disclosure. it never hurt anyone, and they seemed to receive it well.

i didn't get any, "omg, you're just like my brother! he was on 190 north, too!" comments, either.

i don't feel obligated to be out to everyone at work, but i've gone out to lunch with these people a few times, and they seem pretty cool.

maybe some day this will be old hat.
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i only ride my bike to work maybe once or twice a week, so of course i pick today to ride my bike to work. fortunately i only had about a 25-minute ride home in the drizzling, cold, late-october rain. theatrical guns 'n roses song lyrics kept going through my head . . .

something about riding home in the rain makes you feel a bit like a kid again, though. i passed a group of kids walking in the rain, yelling about how wet they were.

as i rode down through rogers park, i also came up behind another cyclist. as i went to pass him, i said, "nice day to be riding home, eh?" and he looked up and screamed. AaaaAahhhhhhhh!! was his cry. I have to remember not to sneak up on people in rogers park, even if we're both on bikes.

i still have a job for now, but things are slowing down a bit. i don't know what to make of things. i've been assigned a password to the peoplesoft computer system, but i'm not taking that to mean very much. they can still fire me.

. . . i loaned out my cyclocross bike to a teammate, bob, for him to race it this weekend. he's just racing to finish the races, and is even doing the race in regular tennis shoes (omg). he says he'll take it easy on my sweet, sweet rig.

this weekend i go to see BOB DYLAN. i haven't seen him play in about 2 years or so. for some reason, he likes to come to chicago around halloween. i've seen him perform two shows on halloween night . . . at one of the shows, the comedian steven wright opened the show. he's so great.


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