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Things have been interesting on the work front. :) I had been working at Northwestern, but was offered another contract job at Walgreens. The one at Walgreens had better pay, and had a good chance of going through to January (or later), so I told my boss that I needed to take it.

Surprisingly, she made me a counter offer, and I got to stay at my current job. That was about two weeks ago. Yeah, I've been lame about LJ lately. Lo siento.

Normally I just come home at night after work, but the other night I stayed downtown and checked out a session at the MCA. Dan Sinker, the author of the @mayoremanuel twitter account, was going to read from his book and have some other folks participate, too. I'm glad I went.

I had actually pre-ordered his his book, and it arrived this past weekend. i find his use of profanity liberating. :) The book is also kind of a love story about Chicago.

(If that video link doesn't work, here's the video: )

There's a cool scene where the fake Rahm Emanuel meets with the then Mayor Daley under a glass dome at the top of city hall, and Daley explains to him how to make celery salt, a key ingredient to a Chicago-style hot dog. Another part features a hallucination of a mile-high tower of dibs chairs.

I've enjoyed reading the book on the train - I just finished it tonight.

When Dan Sinker signed my book, he wrote, "Jim, thanks for being fucking awesome."

Fucking right, Dan.

If "Carl the Intern," can do a Jesse White-tumbler-style leap over an igloo, maybe I can do some cool shit, too.


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