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Sorry to let you down, blog!

I had a good Thanksgiving with my mommu. I got down fairly early on Wednesday, and though that night was tough, we hung out a lot and it was a pretty enjoyable weekend. The first night there she seemed very anxious - the most anxious I've ever seen her, actually. Her hair was disheveled and she seemed kind of hunched over. At dinner, she didn't even look at me very much. I think living by herself has been difficult, and perhaps she was also just nervous about me coming home for some reason.

If going home after the loss of a loved one is difficult, this is how it was difficult. I tried to not press it too much, and just tried to be there with her.

We talked about personal things / how we were each getting along some, but we also just hung out. We watched the entirety of Season 1 of Homeland together. We didn't mean to, but we both just got into it, and kept wanting to watch more episodes. It's a really good show.

We also got to meet my brother's fiance's family. Holy shit, yeah, I hadn't mentioned on here that my brother got engaged, but - yes. Tis true. The last week in October he found out that he got a new job, got engaged to his girfriend, and they both did an iron-person event. It was quite a week. Her family seems like a good family, as much as you can tell by eating lunch with someone, anyway. And we really like my brother's fiance a lot. We're just really happy for my brother. And really happy that we'll have another cool member in the family.

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I heart xkcd....

I was wondering how things went last week, and how your mom's doing. Yeah, living alone can be hard when it's thrust upon you unexpectedly like that. But yay for cool new family members, and the happiness of siblings.


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