May. 17th, 2012

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I think I've had kind of a tumultuous year+, but things seem to be going well enough for me lately. I feel like I'm contributing at work, things are well enough at home, family is well, I have enough friends and people around who care about me, I'm able to show other people that I care / accept caring from other people, etc. etc. I have even been going to yoga more frequently, and have started shedding a little weight.

There's more out there - more to do, more to be thankful for, but things seem to be turning out ok, esp when compared to how things could have gone (no work . . . ). We are hiring one more person for our department, and this week we interviewed a woman who has been out of work since some time in 2010. She said that she lost her job when her company was acquired, and that losing her job snowballed into "personal problems." We didn't ask what those problems were.

She's actually the best candidate that we've interviewed thus far, but there are still a few more to go. It's not easy for anyone out there these days.

Tomorrow I'm meeting some friends from various free software projects for dinner in Chinatown. There will be people from Creative Commons, GNOME, Pumping Station One, and the board of directors from the Open Source Initiative. Some of the OSI folks are some of "the people who started it all," or were at least l33t hackers during the early 1990's - who laid the foundation for much of what we're able to use today. I'm guessing that I will mostly try to sit quietly and enjoy my meal amongst them. :)

I think that the OSI folks chose dinner in Chinatown before they realized that we'd be just a few blocks from the cordoned-off areas of the NATO summit. :( Hopefully I won't have any trouble getting down there. I think I'll be ok - I'll just be taking the red line.

Speaking of NATO, there were helicopters flying all around downtown today, and there have already been pre-emptive arrests against protesters. Not cool, po-po. I hope that the police and the protesters are both able to show restraint in dealing with each other.


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